Dr. Sketchy VIII: Voyage to the Fringe!

Okay, art monkeys, it's official: Thanks to the brilliantly thoughtful Christopher of Causing A Scene, Dr. Sketchy is going to be a part of the upcoming Fringe Festival at the Music Hall in Detroit, Friday, April 13 (ooo...) from 7-10pm!

The Fringe Festival is a balls-out, no-holds-barred, 30-straight-hours arts event, featuring a crazy array of music, dance, performance, film, mixed media and visual art (read all about it at the Fringe Festival web site), so this'll be a DS session like nothing you've experienced. Right now the plan is to have three fantastic dancer/models from CAS posing simultaneously in different locations, so you can migrate around and draw your hearts out. Contests will be extra challenging, and prizes will be extra awesome, I promise. DS participants will not just be spectators, you're considered to be part of the show ("Don't be part of a scene," they say,"cause one!"), and as such anyone who comes to draw gets a discount on admission to the entire event - only $15 to get in, $20 off the original ticket price! The Fringe Festival starts at 7pm Friday and runs 'til 1:30am Sunday. Presumably coffee and Red Bull will be available on site...

BUT - in order to get the discount you need to know the super-secret code word to tell the guy at the door! So I'm asking anyone who's interested in comig to CONTACT ME FIRST and make a reservation. Once I have a head count, I'll fill everyone in on the logistics. I'm meeting next week to finalize plans with the organizers, so I'll keep y'all posted.

Your figure drawing fingers are itching already, aren't they? Stay Tuned!

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