Fringe? More? Yes!

Some typically lovely drawings by DS stalwart Suzanne Baumann.

And more photos: Green Brain Comics grand poobahs Katie and Dan share a sketchbook - aww!

Did I mention the clown? We had a clown! Dig it, his name is Orange Whip:


More from the Fringe

Yers Trooly. That's about as swanky as I get, folks. Sadly, the flash kinda washed out my hand-painted mermaid tie (thanks Ann!). Plus, dig the tres-Frenchie Ryan on the right there. Photo by Jim Anderson.

Jim makes the case that he should win a prize from Swag Faerie Katherine.

A flattering portrait couldn't hurt...

"Come with me if you want to live!" Art by me.

Michelangelo's lovely sketch of Anna, in his trusty moleskine. Photo by Jim.

More to come...


"Are you Dr. Sketchy?"

Well, what can I say when someone asks me that, as a few did last night at the Fringe Festival? (The good doctor's reputation precedes him.) I just say, "yes, yes I am!" But aren't we all? It's sort of a Spartacus thing. "I am Dr. Sketchy!" "No, I'M Dr. Sketchy!" "No, I'M Dr. ..." Or to paraphrase Devo, "we're ALL Dr. Sketchy!"

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, the Fringe Festival! Well, the session last night was sparsely attended (change of seasons illnesses claimed a few members, and almost knocked out our Swag Faerie toward the end of the night) but those who made it were most enthusiastic, and we attracted the attention of a number of curious folks who might join us in the future. Plus, we had a special guest appearance by Dan and Katie, proprietors of Green Brain Comics, one of DS's sponsors. (Only 20 days and change until Free Comic Book Day, everyone!)

We also had a constantly revolving cast of exotic models, from a 1920's flapper-looking hottie to a bright orange clown. Even Causing A Scene's Christopher himself graced our impromptu stage/pedestal. Eventually we all got punchy enough that a few of us took turns up there too, including my wife! Thanks to Dick Blick in Dearborn we had some free sketchbooks to hand our to three or four innocent bystanders who ended up joining the 10 or so of us regulars in our sketching. Afterwards, a few of us took in the art gallery, some experimental animated short films, and a full-on Causing A Scene performance featuring a kick-ass hula hooper, and giant walking spider-looking monster and a gaggle of other sexy, scantily-clad folks shakin' their respective thangs.

More art and photos as they come in, but here's a few from me for now. (Stupidly, I didn't get everyone's names, so if you were there and can help, please let me know!)


Close to the fringe!

Yes, we're getting closer to the date - Friday the 13th, and Dr. Sketchy's appearance at the Fringe Festival at the Music Hall in downtown Detroit.

I went early last week to scope out the location, and chatted with Christopher of CAS, and we've got some interesting ideas about working the models and sketchers into the Hall's cabaret/café/piano bar area that should make for some great drawing opportunities, as well as giving the visitors something fun to look at. I'm assembling prize packages full of novel goodies from Dick Blick, Green Brain and other sources, and I've picked the brains of Molly Crabapple and her minions for contest ideas (more suggestion always welcome!). Music Hall is even plugging us on the web site now. All is in readiness!

I've received several email and verbal responses from sketchers who want to participate- thanks for the replies, all - and now I'm wondering about logistics. I'll be emailing everyone again today to discuss meeting at the hall and proceeding in together, and possible carpooling from Hamtramck or elsewhere to avoid parking hassles downtown. If you haven't contacted me and want to participate, or if you want to come but can't make it until after 7pm, email me in the next few days or respond to this post.

Photo of Christopher by the amazing (and invaluable, to us Metro Times shlubs) Cybelle Codish.