Next Sketchy: February 18th!

...with (for sure this time!) the always-amazing Demonique on stage! Feel free to share this announcement graphic around to invite your friends to come too (thanks for the art, Jim).


More Sweet stuff

Several great sketches from the other night at Blick's to share with you, from Matt Feazell...

...Suzanne Baumann...

...and Britt Martin. Thanks, everyone!

And if you missed the comment below, Laura reports that our impromptu warm-up model at the beginning of the night was one Todd McNulty of the local rock outfit Lee Marvin Computer Arm! And here's the link to Laura's photos of the evening, including a nice shot of Pedro the tip skull. There are even more photos over on Laura's Flickr site.


DS January: Sweet!

Thanks to everyone who braved the ridiculous cold and iffy roads and made it out to Blick Art Materials last Thursday for the first Dr Sketchy of Oh-Nine. (And special thanks to the Blick employee who filled in posing while our model made her way to Dearborn from Ypsi!)

Regina Sweet of Tickled Fancy Burlesque Co. did arrive eventually, complete with bunny ears, tutu and sexy country-girl outfit and pleased the crowd nicely, leaving Pedro, Blick's in-store plastic skull/impromptu tip jar, up to his eye sockets in dollar bills. Here's two from Kevin Hsieh, including one of our impromptu fill-in model.

And a couple from Jim Anderson too.

Remember, Tickled Fancy will perform in Detroit on March 15, at the Trumbullplex down by Wayne State University, a strange and intimate venue perfect for edgy cabaret performance.

ALSO: Dr. Sketchy returns on Wednesday, February 18, at our good ol' HQ, the Belmont in Hamtramck (come for the sketching, stay for the karaoke!); and again in Hamtown on March 7 at the Café 1923 to launch Hatch's third annual Hatchback art exhibit. So clear your schedule!

...and send more photos and art!


Dr. Sketchy Detroit 2009!

Hey all,

Here to remind you, we'll be congregatin' at Blick Art Materials THIS THURSDAY FROM 6-9PM for the first Dr. Sketchy of 2009!

The last session at Blick's was a big hit, and you don't have to worry about running out of art supplies during the night! Expect cool contest prizes, too.

And here's a surprise: we've got a brand new model! Demonique had to work, so instead we'll be hosting Ms. Regina Sweet of the Tickled Fancy Burlesque Troupe out of Ann Arbor! Check 'em out on Myspace here.

So expect a fantastic model, good company, cool contest prizes, and another good night of sketching.

If you could all do me a favor and send me an email so I can get an idea of a head count, I'd be much obliged. I expect some folks to come thanks to Blick's promoting the event, and I hope to get the same mixed group we had last time we were there.

Thanks, see you in a couple days!