DS January: Sweet!

Thanks to everyone who braved the ridiculous cold and iffy roads and made it out to Blick Art Materials last Thursday for the first Dr Sketchy of Oh-Nine. (And special thanks to the Blick employee who filled in posing while our model made her way to Dearborn from Ypsi!)

Regina Sweet of Tickled Fancy Burlesque Co. did arrive eventually, complete with bunny ears, tutu and sexy country-girl outfit and pleased the crowd nicely, leaving Pedro, Blick's in-store plastic skull/impromptu tip jar, up to his eye sockets in dollar bills. Here's two from Kevin Hsieh, including one of our impromptu fill-in model.

And a couple from Jim Anderson too.

Remember, Tickled Fancy will perform in Detroit on March 15, at the Trumbullplex down by Wayne State University, a strange and intimate venue perfect for edgy cabaret performance.

ALSO: Dr. Sketchy returns on Wednesday, February 18, at our good ol' HQ, the Belmont in Hamtramck (come for the sketching, stay for the karaoke!); and again in Hamtown on March 7 at the Café 1923 to launch Hatch's third annual Hatchback art exhibit. So clear your schedule!

...and send more photos and art!


Fab Laura ~ The Patron Saint of Crazy said...


These are awesome! You can see our blog about the event on our MySpace (Blick's, that is). The employee who posed for you in the beginning was none other than Todd McNulty, drummer for Lee Marvin Computer Arm.

Laura Flowers
(Blick's official chick with a camera)

Anonymous said...

Great pencil work..great photography..

Thanks for sharing..
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