Belly up to the bar...

...for the next Dr. Sketchy, featuring the fabulous Lana of Detroit Bellydance! According to her web site:

"Lana teaches and performs throughout the U.S. and overseas and
educates hundreds of students throughout metro-Detroit - from those
wanting to have fun and get fit to more "serious" students who take to
the stage."

I'd have posted a photo here, but I can't pick from the many on her site, so go see for yourself. Hm, we may have to do a few more longer poses this time, those costumes are really ornate!

If you're interested in attending, do me a favor and respond here or email me at themanwhojaped@comcast.net so I can get a head count. See you there!


Dr. Sketchy December

We have a date: Thursday, December 7th - yes, Pearl Harbor Day. (Must... fight... urge... to think up... tasteless... contests!)

We'll start at the Belmont at 7:30 (but show up a little earlier to get a jump on your drinking and get first crack at the jukebox) and go until 10:30. Model TBA...


Working on it...

...a date for the next Sketchy, that is. As soon as I can get hold of our man at the Belmont, we'll set something up for December. Last week at the Motor City Art Expo in the Emerald Theater, several folks expressed interest in joining us, so hopefully the next session will be another packed house with some new faces.

Until then, to tide you over, Wolfgang has sufficiently recovered from his brush with death to send some photos from the last two sessions with Beth and Tim TV.


Choking Hazard

Guess we should have worked Beth's payment out ahead of time to avoid these, uh, misunderstandings. A round-robin drawing of our fiesty model throttling hapless photographer Wolfgang Lilly. Drawing by Michael Carroll, Bob Corby, Suzanne Baumann and Yers Trooly. Bob puts together his own excellent annual small press comics show in Columbus, OH called SPACE, check it out.


Oh SNAP!: Dr. Sketchy 4

Many thanks to Suzanne Baumann and Dan & Katie at Green Brain Comics for coordinating the latest Dr. Sketchy session, held last Saturday in Al Matta Hall in Dearborn after the SNAP! comics expo. By the time I joined everyone after my niece's wedding, the jukebox was blaring and a combination of post-expo cartoonists and assorted innocent bystanders were busy sketching away at lovely model Beth, who reclined as gracefully as possible across a barroom table.

Minutes later, it was Beth's turn to SNAP, and she wrapped her hands around photographer Wolfgang's throat! But ha ha - no worries, t'was all in good fun!! I'm pretty sure...

Drawings by Sketchy regular Michelangelo, more to come.


"Motor City Manet"??

I could regale y'all with a lot of reasons why you should immediately purchase a copy of Molly Crabapple's latest effort, Dr. Sketchy's Official Rainy Day Colouring Book, not least of which would be her interview with me and her drawing of Sparkly Devil.

But the reviewer at Eros Zine is a lot more facile with the adjectives than I am, so read his review instead, and then go snag yerself a copy! (Geez, do I really drawl?)


Snap, Sketchy. Sketchy, Snap.

Okay, it's confirmed - the next Dr. Sketchy will for sure be happening THIS SATURDAY, Nov. 4, from 7-10pm, after the SNAP! comics expo in Dearborn, MI! The Al Matta Hall will make its bar available to us sketchers, so drink up (coffee is fine, just spend some money while you're there!)

Our model is Beth from the fabulous Causing A Scene burlesque troupe, of which Sparkly Devil is also a member.

Speaking of SD, sad (for us) to say she's moving to California soon to help helm a new alternative weekly paper starting up out there. Her help getting DS:MCD off the ground, with venue advice, posing and model wrangling, has been invaluable. Thanks again for everything, Sparkly, we'll miss you!