Doug Blanchard sketchbook exhibit

If, like me, you've marveled at the sketchbook drawings and collages of Doug Blanchard on this blog, and if you'll be in NYC next month, be sure to check out his exhibit at the Riviera Gallery in Brooklyn. He says he'll have some of his Sketchy work in the show. Congrats Doug!


She moves in mysterious ways

Some sweet art from last Thursday from Jim Anderson. Check out his blog for more sketches and some of his thoughts on electronic art tablets and figure drawing.

Lily LaRue Update

Wow, check out what former DS model Lily's been up to:

"Wheew! So I have spent the last month on a film set working as Drew Barrymore's stand in on the movie WHIP IT. A film about Roller Derby!"

Also see Lily's updated website.


DS21: Swords & skulls & wings & things

Well, Dr. Sketchy's trip to Dearborn was an experiment in trying something new, and it was a big success! Wow, we haven't had so many new faces all at once at a Dr. Sketchy in some time, and it was good to see. Many thanks to Paul and everyone at Blick art supplies for supplying not just the venue but some great door prize/goodie bags and snacks, and for turning so many new folks on the DS.

Among our new participants was Dennis Orlowski (in the foreground above), a muralist who's done several well-known local works, in Hamtramck especially but elsewhere around town too.

Many many thanks of course to Lana, who dazzled us with her dancing, costumes, music and her greatly-underestimated ability to hold a pose for several minutes. She's a joy to draw from, and a glance around the room at everyone's sketchbooks confirms she was an inspiration.

DS's reliable photog Agnes sent some super photos to share. She even got the skull we used as a tip jar into one shot!

More art to come! ( and PS: If you check the comments section of the last post, you'll get a hint at what's in the works for September...!)



Good news everyone - I ran into Lana of Detroit Bellydance at World Hoop Day Friday afternoon and she's all set to model for us this month. So the next Dr. Sketchy session will be Thursday the 21st at Blick Art Materials on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn (between Schaefer and Greenfield, a few blocks west of Green Brain Comics). Manager Paul Flowers has been nice enough to offer us the front of his shop to use as modeling/sketching space, after the shop closes at 6pm. Expect cool prizes, snacks, music and probably a performance by lovely Lana too. See you then!

By the way, Hoop Day was a big hit, with lots of kids and adults too (including the crew of a DFD fire engine) showing up for some hoop-spinnin' and general community and good feeling in the shadow of the Temple of the American Dream, an intricate cut-plywood pagoda you need to see to believe (click the link for info on the project). IN FACT...

...you might get to see it up close if you come to Dr. Sketchy in September! A very special session is in the planning stages, so watch the blog and your email inbox for details.

MORE NEWS: Dr. Sketchy Empress Molly Crabapple needs our help!

"I recently wrote a panel called "DIY Empires: Taking Your Online Following Offline," It's about movements like Dr. Sketchy's that, despite being started by creative folks with low budgets, have spread all over the world. The panel's for presentation at SXSWi (South by Southwest Interactive), an international conference about digital technology and its effect on culture. We got past the first round, and now our fate is in part decided by voting."

Click the image above to go and vote for Molly and help send her SXSW!


Hoops go digital

More art from DS20. First, a few painterly photo treatments from Lou Salazar:

Next three sketches from the cool digital drawing tablet of Jim Anderson (and there are more on his web site).


DS20: Spin city

Many thanks as always to all who came to the latest Dr Sketchy at THC last Wednesday. Despite the rush to get it all put together, we even had a couple new art monkeys in the crowd and managed to raise around $140-150 for World Hoop Day charities. Our hooper/models, Revolva, Elise and Faith definitely earned it, they got quite a workout over the three hours, I think. So thanks for your generosity!

To find out more about World Hoop Day (coming up on Friday, August 8, 4-8pm), visit the site for the The Detroit Dream Project. There's lots of other links there too, to Motor City Blight Busters, Flickr pages with photos of the Temple of the American Dream project and more.

Next up: Plans are back on to sketch at Blick art supplies in Dearborn, with the lovely Lana as our model, this month. Then with luck it'll be back to our old HQ at the Belmont for September. I'll keep you posted. Meantime, send hoop art and photos to share!