Good news everyone - I ran into Lana of Detroit Bellydance at World Hoop Day Friday afternoon and she's all set to model for us this month. So the next Dr. Sketchy session will be Thursday the 21st at Blick Art Materials on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn (between Schaefer and Greenfield, a few blocks west of Green Brain Comics). Manager Paul Flowers has been nice enough to offer us the front of his shop to use as modeling/sketching space, after the shop closes at 6pm. Expect cool prizes, snacks, music and probably a performance by lovely Lana too. See you then!

By the way, Hoop Day was a big hit, with lots of kids and adults too (including the crew of a DFD fire engine) showing up for some hoop-spinnin' and general community and good feeling in the shadow of the Temple of the American Dream, an intricate cut-plywood pagoda you need to see to believe (click the link for info on the project). IN FACT...

...you might get to see it up close if you come to Dr. Sketchy in September! A very special session is in the planning stages, so watch the blog and your email inbox for details.

MORE NEWS: Dr. Sketchy Empress Molly Crabapple needs our help!

"I recently wrote a panel called "DIY Empires: Taking Your Online Following Offline," It's about movements like Dr. Sketchy's that, despite being started by creative folks with low budgets, have spread all over the world. The panel's for presentation at SXSWi (South by Southwest Interactive), an international conference about digital technology and its effect on culture. We got past the first round, and now our fate is in part decided by voting."

Click the image above to go and vote for Molly and help send her SXSW!


Chrissie A said...

Cool! Can anyone/everyone come to the sessions? I would love to participate (I'm in Lansing)

Sean Bieri said...

You are, of course, welcome, Chrissie. Hope to see you Thursday. -sean

little d said...

Dear Dr. Sketchy

On behalf of SPARC we would like to thank you for the generous Gift of time you gave to the event of World Hoop Day that was held at the Detroit Dream Projects “Temple to the American Dream” next to the Motor City Blight Busters Headquarters.

Your of showing up and drawing the kids in the community and giving them the images was very appreciated by them, I know I saw it their faces!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! It was good time had by all. I look forward to networking our two communities in the future for future events! Please feel free to contact me after September 4th to discuss a drawing event at the Temple with people from the Burning Man community in costume!

Thank you for your thoughtful gift.

Danielle Kaltz
SPARC member

Anonymous said...

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