Update: March 10 is a go!

Hey all. DS Usual Suspect Jim A. sent another drawing from our session with Queen Bee, and it'll do nicely to pretty up this update post about the upcoming Dr. Sketchy event and the art exhibit it's kicking off.

Chris and Xania (see links a few posts below for more on them) are confirmed as our models on March 10! We'll be starting early, 5pm, and going for our usual 3 hours until 8pm. We're planning on having a live DJ spinning for the session too.

Meanwhile, Hatch will be celebrating its first anniversary with lots of art on the walls (all up for sale), live music from Jere Stormer, snacks and plenty of desserts and coffee and such served up by the folks at Café 1923.

Come to Hamtramck early that day and visit the Art Factory for their "Crafty Bitches" mini-arts 'n' crafts festival, and plan on staying late to cruise around and take in some of music at any one of several local bars as the Blowout music festival blows through town again. Lots going on in Hamtown that weekend! See you there.

UPDATE OF THE UPDATE: The DJ is confirmed (now he just has to figure out how to set up in little ol' Cafe 1923!).


A nice gesture...

Yes, it's a nice gesture to send nice gesture drawings to the DS:MCD blog. Nice color sketches too. Thanks John!


Avast, ye art-lubbers!

I know it's Super Bowl Sunday and all, but the only QB we're concerned with here is still the amazing Queen Bee. Here's a shot by Wolfgang of her pirate tape ensemble, and another of her in a shocking pink feathered headdress.

And here are a couple of my own drawings from the evening. I've got Karen looking sorta pissed off in that second drawing, but she actually emailed to say she'd had a great time!


Panic! Chaos! Swedes!

It must be Dr. Sketchy Episode 6: Attack of the Killer Queen Bee!

They say good things come to those who wait, and despite a late start Thursday night's session with the stunning Karen "Queen Bee" Neal was most definitely a very good thing. Any drawing class that begins with the model strapped into a homemade bikini made of black skull-and-crossbones tape (like something pirates would string up at a crime scene) and brandishing a bass guitar is going to be an evening to remember! We drew late into the night as Queen Bee switched into a couple of classic Vegas showgirl outfits, all tassles and feathers and pasties, and Mike from Detroit Threads kept the records spinning.

Meanwhile, the bar behind us was filling up, unusual for the Belmont on a Thursday night. Rumor is that an indy film crew from Sweden was there to shoot part of a documentary about the Detroit music scene. At some point the DJ they were interested in bumped Mike off the turntables. A few curious innocent bystanders wandered over to see what we were up to, one of whom was a Detroit ex-pat whose grandfather had run a well-known burlesque joint on Woodward Ave. back in the day! Small world...

Anyway, the film crew ignored us, I think. What the hell is the world coming to when Swedish filmmakers don't want to film a half-naked woman!?

Many many thanks to Mike for tunes and gift certificate prizes (I'm telling you guys, you gotta check out his place. He just got a shipment of vintage art supplies in that are really great!), and especially to swag faerie-turned-model's best friend Katherine who helped Queen Bee out in the dressing room. And of course, thanks to the art monkeys who were most patient despite the craziness and most generous with the tips.

Art by Tom Dow, more to come!



What a silly question - you're telling me you're gonna miss out on this? Of course you have to come draw Karen "Queen Bee" Neal at the Belmont, Thursday, Feb. 1 for the very first Dr. Sketchy Detroit of 2007!

With Her Highness modeling I shouldn't have to tempt you further, but I'm not proud: remember, we'll also have gift certificates from Detroit Threads and copies of Molly Crabapple's Dr. Sketchy book up for grabs to those of you who find favor with our capricious swag faerie, and tunes spun live by Threads proprietor Mike.

So there's your reminder! 7-10pm at the Belmont - bee there or bee square!