...and more Muana

More Muana drawings from last week's DS.

First a great sketch by regular John Nagridge (who recently rekindled my interest in block printing at a workshop he conducted)

Next a dramatic profile from Kyle Oren.

Here's a nice gesture sketch by Suzanne Baumann...

...and a Suzanne/Jerry Dombrowski team-up drawing that came out pretty amazing, I think!

Lastly, a couple by me, graphite stick style.

Thanks, everyone, for sending work in. Always room for more, keep 'em coming.


More Muana

Doug sent some of his always-awesome collage-sketches from the other night.

Check out the Chris Ware-looking rendition of DS regular Michelangelo!


Ho hum, another night at Dr. Sketchy

It might not look too animated in that first picture, but things were hoppin' the other night. For one thing, lots of new folks: the guy in red and the woman on the right were both first-time sketchers. The latter won a bag full of goodies after impressing the Swag Faerie with one of her lovely drawings.

In fact, I think Brian in this next photo was a newbie too. He showed up late and proceeded to knock out these great color pastel drawings. Sheesh!

There we are, sawing away at the sketchpads. Except the woman on the far right, who spent the evening making jewelry (!!!).

Thanks much to Agnes for the photos!


Why do I even worry?

Every time we do a Sketchy session, I fret, "this'll be the night no one shows up! I shoulda promoted better! I suck! Wah!" But no need to panic - we had lots of regulars and a number of new faces too, including one woman who'd only come to see the band later that night and ended up borrowing a sketchbook to join us. If last night is the house we get when I don't promote the thing until last minute, what'll happen when I start advertising? I won't have room for everybody!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night for DS:9. Muana was a lot of fun to draw, and somehow the polka dot dress and sailor outfit she wore early in the evening went really well with the silver stars and crepe paper hanging around the Belmont - suddenly it felt like V-J Day in Hamtramck (although the Tom Waites music was sort of incongruous...)!

So send those drawings my way so we can share them with the world (photos too, so you won't have to endure too many of my grainy snapshots!)