Dr Sketchy @ People's Art Festival SUNDAY AUG. 30 4-6PM!

Hey all,

Right on the heels of the birthday bash last week comes an invite to join the folks at Motorcityblog at the People's Art Festival in Detroit for some more burlesque sketching fun THIS SUNDAY!

Now, you shouldn't need Dr Sketchy to entice you to go to the Festival, located at the Russell Industrial complex off of I-75, just south of Hamtramck. It's a sprawling, amazing gathering of artists, musicians and vendors from all over town that you do not want to miss. Check out the web site for more info:


We'll be meeting around 4pm at one of the Motorcityblog booths to do some drawing and spread the word about Dr. Sketchy. The festival ends at 6pm Sunday, so be sure to get there before then! In fact, come early and tour the grounds, you;ll be sure to find something you'll enjoy (and be sure to stop by the Hatch Hamtramck Art Collective table to pick up Dr Sketchy t-shirts and lots of other artsy goodness!).

Hope to see you there!


Dr. Sketchy goes behind the Velvet Rope

Lots of great photos of last Thursday's event are up in the Metro Times' Velvet Rope section (thanks to Hellcat Kelly for coming out to shoot!)


More from the birthday bash

Sketches from Britt Martin:

John Nagridge:

and Jim Anderson. (more at the link!)


Motorcityblog views Sketchy

There's a fantastic Dr. Sketchy slide show of photos by Brett Lawrence over on the Motorcityblog, be sure to check it out! MCB has been good about posting info on Sketchy in the past, so a belated thanks to them as well.

The shocking pink Dr. Sketchy cocktail makes a few appearances in that slide show (mainly in my hand), so this is a good time to drop the recipe for the thing, concocted for us by Scarab Club bartender Steven Ellis:

1/2 part Absente
1/2 part Tequila Sauza
orange juice
splash of grenadine
...all shaken over ice

And if you liked the vegan cupcakes the recipe for them (minus the pastry pasties!) is here.

Happy Birthday to us!

Wow! If the 3rd Birthday Bash at the Scarab Club wasn't the best Sketchy session ever 'round these parts it was certainly up there. Someone counted about 50 people sketching or at least hanging out as Demonique posed in her Cleopatra costume, and Lily LaRue had everyone riveted when she took to the gallery floor to do her fan dance. Everything from the club to the cupcakes to the cocktails looked like a huge hit from where I was standing. See for yourself (thanks to Agnes for the photos!)

Oh, and check out this video from sketcher Chip, that'll give an idea of how blustery it was in the garden.

Many thanks again to everyone who came, to everyone at the Scarab Club for accommodating us and of course as always to our wonderful models. If you were there and did sketches please send them my way for the blog!


Dr. Sketchy August: Scarab Club and People's Art Festival

First: Just a reminder that we'll be gathering at the Scarab Club next Thursday - cocktail social starts at 6pm, sketching at 7pm. I think this'll be an extra-amazing one, so I hope you can come by and help celebrate Sketchy's 3rd birthday!

Second: I've just received an invitation from Kirk at the Motorcityblog (a great resource for what's happenin' around town, and who've been very good about promoting Sketchy in the past) to hold a session at their booth at the People's Art Festival on Sunday, August 30. If you've never been, People's is a sprawling, raucous art fair staged at the Russell industrial complex (just south of Hamtramck off I-75) and featuring tons of talent from around the area, plus music, food, beer and more. Hosting Sketchy there sounds fun as hell, so I'm in the process of making the arrangements. When I have details I'll let you know, but for now keep that Sunday open!


DS:MCD's Birthday Bash at the Scarab Club!

Got the flyer done...

So here's more info on what is gonna be a helluva Sketchy session, folks. First of all, it's our birthday - I nearly forgot! So all the better that this session will be something special.

If you've never been to the Scarab Club, located just behind the Detroit Institute of Arts, you're going to be pleasantly surprised. The club's been around for just over 100 years and the 1928 building it's now in is a charming combo of warm dark wood, creaking floorboards and Pewabic accents and bright modern gallery space. Upstairs in the lounge area, the rafters have been autographed by the artists who've visited the place, including Norman Rockwell, Diego Rivera, Marcel Duchamp and many others. The outdoor courtyard where we'll be set up, weather permitting, is walled in in brick and full of flowers.

The 20th is also the club's Third Thursday Cocktail Social, starting at 6pm, with drinks and snacks served upstairs (cash bar, so bring extra $$). There's a rumor that the bartender will be inventing a cocktail especially in Dr. Sketchy's honor, so come early! The cost of the social has been waived for Sketchy participants, so you'll pay only the usual $5 to get in. We'll start sketching at our usual 7pm time. Oh, and there's plenty of street parking, as well as a guarded, fenced-in lot next door if you don't mind paying the fee.

Our models for the evening are two DS faves: Lily LaRue and Demonique Damzelle! Plus, at half-time, Lily will honor us with a burlesque performance. All this, and a prize raffle, an art exhibit in the club's gallery, and probably some other craziness thrown in, too.

So for reals, if you make it to only one Dr. Sketchy this year, THIS is the one to hit. Tell your friends! Hope to see you all there,