Happy Birthday to us!

Wow! If the 3rd Birthday Bash at the Scarab Club wasn't the best Sketchy session ever 'round these parts it was certainly up there. Someone counted about 50 people sketching or at least hanging out as Demonique posed in her Cleopatra costume, and Lily LaRue had everyone riveted when she took to the gallery floor to do her fan dance. Everything from the club to the cupcakes to the cocktails looked like a huge hit from where I was standing. See for yourself (thanks to Agnes for the photos!)

Oh, and check out this video from sketcher Chip, that'll give an idea of how blustery it was in the garden.

Many thanks again to everyone who came, to everyone at the Scarab Club for accommodating us and of course as always to our wonderful models. If you were there and did sketches please send them my way for the blog!

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