Paper anniversary

For first anniversaries it's traditional to give gifts of paper. These drawings were emailed to me, but they were at least drawn on paper originally. Close enough.

Kevin Hsieh's TJ Hooker is standing tall, ready to kick some perp ass.

Demonique poses imperiously.

Later the art monkeys compare notes.

Now some sweet sketches from DS fixture Jim Anderson:

Demonique broods.

Muana shows off her historically-inaccurate-but-awesome-nonetheless geisha footwear.

More to come...

Happy Birthday Dr. Sketchy!

Dr. Sketchy Detroit turned one with a bang last Thursday, with not one but four sexy burlesque models, the always-great T63 on the turntables, a nice little art exhibit, better prizes than ever and freebies for all, cake, and NO curfew, so we drew late into the night. Whew! Here are some of my snapshots of the evening, but hopefully better shots are on their way. (Forgive any misspellings of stage names, models, please!)

Okay, look, it was my first cake decorating gig, be nice!

Model TJ Hooker naturally inspired a cop-show themed contest. (As you can guess from the pose, cavity search gags abounded in the sketches!)

Next: the dark, delicious Demonique, seen here surveying our larger-than-usual crowd of entranced art monkeys. (It pays to advertise, and get listed in the local alt-weekly's calendar of events.)

Last up was lovely returning model Muana, stunning under the red lights in full geisha gear.

A couple sketchers have sent me samples from the evening's work, which I'll post asap. Thanks to everyone who came out, new and old, and to everyone who has made DS such a hit in Detroit this last year!


Dr. Sketchy: Year One

One week to go before Dr. Sketchy Detroit celebrates it's one-years-old birthday bash! I just picked up a buttload of goodies from our sponsors, Dick Blick art supplies, Green Brain Comics and Stormy Records, so there'll be prizes galore. Causing a Scene is putting their dance routines together for the evening's entertainment, and there're a few other surprises in the works too. Expect new faces and old friends as well to be posing on stage.

I'm actually distributing some postcards to promote the event this time, we'll see if they bring in any newbies. But it's all you veteran art monkeys that I'd really like to see turn out - DS wouldn't be here without you!

So: next session is THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 7-10pm (or later?) at teh good ol' Belmont. See you there!


Read all about it

Here's something new: Hatch guy Richard Kolbusz Jr. joined us at the last Sketchy, and though he doesn't draw, he did write a stream-of-consciousness play-by-play of the evening. It's the next best thing to being there. Here's a link to the pdf version of his essay. (Although I think he believes Swag Faerie Katherine is my wife, which isn't the case. Just FYI.)


More art from DS:X

DS stalwart John Nagridge checks in with some sweet black-background sketches from the last session.