DS19: On with the show

Brief (and way late) post...

The Art of Dr Sketchy exhibit opened last Friday, and it sounds like it went well. I can't say from first-hand experience since I MISSED THE DAMN THING! Had to work late, early deadlines... But the show did get some ink in the local alt-weekly and a good bunch of people showed up at Cafe 1923 to draw DS fave Muana in full-on geisha costume. They even went outdoors for a while to draw, a DS:MCD first! Many thanks to all who helped out in my absence, especially Suzanne, Jim, Laura, Krysti and Matt, and all at the cafe. Photos by Agnes Domanska.



Hey everyone! The art show is up! We hung it at the Cafe 1923 this weekend and it looks damn fine if I say so myself. Take a look:

The official opening is THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 6-9pm, and will include a drawing session featuring our most stalwart model, Muana The One & Only, from 6-8pm. PLEASE COME! Tell your friends, and grab a short stack of postcards while you're here and spread the word. Many thanks to Mike Oberdier and Jim Anderson for letting me use their art on the postcard! There'll be a mention of the show in this week's Metro Times as well, also featuring Jim's art.

The show will be up until July 12. The cafe is at 2287 Holbrook in Hamtramck, between I-75 and Jos. Campau, across from the Kowalski sausage factory neoen wiener sign.

See you this Friday!