Zac Attack

Jim Anderson sent in some great color sketches of Zachariah from last Sketchy. Check out Jim's web site for more of his awesome artwork.


DS17: Rock show!

DS photog Agnes sent some nice shots of Zachariah from last Thursday.


Dr. Sketchy #17: Sketch It Like a Rock Star!

Another fine turn-out for last Thursday's session. Thanks much to everyone who came out on a nice spring evening, so nice we kept the back patio door open most of the night. Zachariah turned out to be a natural, gracing the stage in a variety of rock star outfits and poses, and brandishing his great Ovation guitar (I think he said it used to be his grandfather's). Between costumes he even favored us with a couple of acoustic songs, a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman" and one of his own. I saw a lot of nice drawings getting made during the night, hope folks will send them in soon!

Our next session is on the Belmont schedule for THURSDAY, MAY 22. Which reminds me...


May 22 date is also the perfect time to get me YOUR ART WORK from past Sketchies to be included in a Dr. Sketchy-themed art exhibit at the Café 1923 in Hamtramck! I got several expressions of interest Thursday night and earlier, so now all I need is the actual art.

If you have drawings you'd like to display, please frame them up as you see fit (expensive frames not necessary, but something) and bring as many as you'd like to show along with you on Thursday. If you'd rather not tear pages out of your sketchbook, if you work digitally, or if you're a photographer, feel free to contribute framed printouts of your work.

If you can't make it on May 22, let me know and I'll arrange to get your art from you. I can set up an evening after the 22nd to be at Cafe 1923 for art drop-offs if that helps. As a last resort, I can even receive hi-res digital files via email or ftp and print and frame them myself (you can pay me back later...).

I WILL NEED ALL ART BY MAY 30 in order to hang the show when the current show comes down on the 31st. Earlier, of course, is better.

There's no fee to be in the show, and if you'd like to put your work up for sale, you can do that too (Hatch, who sponsors the exhibits at the cafe, may want a cut of sales, I'll double-check on that). There'll be an official opening the first Friday night in June with snacks and such, and possibly a Sketchy session in the cafe's back courtyard, out in the fresh, sausage-scented Hamtramck air!

Contact me here or via email with any questions, and stay tuned for updates.



DS17:In Like a Lion!

Looks like spring is getting serious about sticking around, and what better way to celebrate than to coop ourselves up in a dark bar for a night of drinking and drawing?

NEXT DR. SKETCHY is scheduled back at the good ol' Belmont for THURSDAY, APRIL 17 (that's next week!). Perfeect for blowing off some post-tax deadline steam on the cheap - still only $5 to draw.

Our subject this time out is will be local model and folk/rock/experimental musician Zachariah Griffin. He promises to bring his guitar for prop purposes at least, and maybe we can coax a tune out of him during a break if we ask nice.

ALSO: Plans are in the works for a Dr. Sketchy art show at Cafe 1923 in conjunction with Hatch. If you have any artwork from previous Dr. Sketchy sessions you'd like to display in a few months, please let me know right away! Any size or medium is fine.

See you Thursday! (Drawing of Lily LaRue above by Michelangelo Cicerone)