Hey all,

It's official - I just spoke to the guys at THC and that's where it's happenin' tomorrow night, 7-10PM:

10241 Jos. Campau at Trowbridge, a few doors north of the Belmont. Call 313-285-9822. They're a cozy place with a good food & beer menu, plus of course coffee drinks, and a great atmosphere in an impressively renovated bar. They've even got a DJ spinning. Here's a link to a write-up about them.

Revolva has three hooper friends at least who've volunteered to model and dazzle us with their skillz, so be prepared to draw fast and stay portable (you might want to move around a bit!) Remember, proceeds go to charity, so bring tip money as well as the usual $5 (and a little for the DJ too!)

Thanks again for your patience, everyone, but this is gonna be a great one, so don't miss it!



Hey there art monkeys,

Sorry once again to drag this out to the (very!) last minute, but strange and cool things have been transpiring here at DS HQ.

Revolva, who's modeled with her hula hoop for us before, is bringing some of her hooping friends to town:

"Part of the reason I'm coming back is to take part in World Hoop Day Detroit -- an August 8 charity event where a bunch of the Detroit Hoopers are giving away hoops to inner city kids and hosting a big hula hooping party at The Temple of the American Dream (in old Redford). It's in conjunction with Blight Busters, Detroit Dream Project and the non-profit SPARC. Here's the myspace page for the event:



So we've had a change of plans - she and her pals will be modeling and hooping for us Thursday with proceeds going to the charities! It meant some rescheduling with Blick's in Dearborn, but it's way worth it. Trouble is, the venue is still TBA!! So here's the deal:

• We will either be at the THC coffeehouse on Jos. Campau in Hamtramck (just a few doors south of the Belmont)



• We will be at a gallery space hosted by the Contemporary Art Institiute of Detroit in the Russell Industrial complex, at Clay & the I-75 service drive on the outskirts of Hamtramck (still waiting for this to get confirmed, but it'd be a greta idea if it works...)

I will post and email you all again as soon as things get firmed up for sure. I know this is nuts but I think it'll be worth the craziness in the end! Thanks for your patience, stay tuned everyone!