Double your pleasure!

Like the February DS session wasn't going to be cool enough, consider this: What could be better than pleasantly whiling away an evening drawing one of Dr. Sketchy's mind-bendingly sexy models? How about drawing TWO of them??

Oh, yes way! To kick off the gala coming out party for Hatch, Hamtramck's local arts collective and DS:MCD sponsors, we'll be having a special edition of Dr. Sketchy featuring not one but two dancers from Causing A Scene Productions: Xania and CAS founder Chris!

Details for the evening are still being hammered out, but here's what I know for sure: it'll happen on Saturday, March 10, at Hamtown's newest nexus for all things artsy and caffeinated, Cafe 1923. We'll do it earlier than usual - 5pm until 8ish, overlapping with the opening party for Hatch's first juried art exhibit, HATCHED! (If you're inclined to enter something, there are entry forms available on Hatch's web site). Space is gonna be tight, so mark your calendar and keep an eye out here for confirmation of the start time (and other details) so you can get here in time to grab a chair.

Meanwhile, here's an article that'll fill you in on Causing A Scene and Chris, and here's a link to Xania's web site (with lots of swoon-worthy photos!).



C'mon, you've had over a month now to do all your holiday blah-blah and gather your strength for the next Dr. Sketchy: Motor City Division Anti-Art School figure drawing session! Yer gonna need it, too, and you'll know why when you see our model for the upcoming session — none other than Detroit's "delicious diva of sex-rock," Karen "Queen Bee" Neal!

"Queen Bee is an unstoppable force of power, passion and intensity...The stuff that legends are made of!" Who am I to argue?

PLUS, DS:MCD now has its very first oh-fishial-type sponsor! Mike from Detroit Threads has not only volunteered to DJ for the night, he's donating gift certificates for his store (conveniently located right across the street from the Belmont) to be given away as prizes for the evening's drawing contests. Threads is packed with cool-as-hell t-shirts and hoodies, used CDs, vintage clothing and all sorts of other great stuff.

Oh, and I just might have copies of Molly Crabapple's Dr. Sketchy Rainy Day Colouring Book available that night as well.

Oh my goodness, you will soooooo suck if you miss this Dr. Sketchy session, my friends! Don't do that to yourself. Come join us!

Thursday, February 1st
from 7(ish) to 10(ish)pm
at the beautiful Belmont
on Jos. Campau in Hamtramck.
$5.00 (cheap!) to draw, more to drink (and you know, you really ought to tip the model and the bartender, too).

Here's more on Queen Bee:
Queen Bee's homepage
Queen Bee on MySpace