Hayley Jane by Kevin & Britt

Some great sketches from a couple of DS regulars. First two by Kevin:

Then a few by Britt:

September Sketchy photos

Not loving ths new camera of mine so much, but I did get a few okay pictures of Hayley Jane last night.


Dr. Sketchy September: Hayley Jane!

We had a really good session tonight with an amazing new model - a real natural - and a few folks who were either new or who I haven't seen in a while. It looked to me like there were a lot of great drawings being made, and I hope they'll get sent my way. Until then, here are a few of my own (yeah, I actually did some drawing this time!). Plus - birthday cake! (It's Hayley Jane's b'day on Saturday.)

Dragged the ol' cow skull again:

One more post from the 3rd anniversary

Before I post anything about tonight's session, I wanted to share these images from the 3rd birthday party at Scarab Club. If you were there, you might remember seeing Harriet Berg, the 84-year-old who borrowed my sketchbook and a Sharpie and joined in the sketching (I waived her $5 fee...). Harriet's a dancer, and her husband, who died earlier this year, was one of my wife's art teachers in high school, a sculptor and a docent at the art institute. Both of them are long-time fixtures in the Detroit area arts community and I was extremely happy she came to the August session. Here are a few of her drawings, two of Demonique in her Cleopatra costume and one of the club's garden gate.


Dr. Sketchy September: THURSDAY, SEPT. 17, 6-9pm

Hi all,

Back to Sketchy HQ at the Belmont this month, with a new model: singer, actress, dancer costume designer (she did the outfits for the recent burlesque version of "Alice in Wonderland") and all-around amazing gal Hayley Jane Nickerson!

Check her out on MySpace, YouTube, and in the Metro Times (photo above by MT's Doug Coombe)...

...and of course at the Belmont next Thursday, where she promises to bring a case full of costumes for your sketching pleasure!

PLEASE NOTE the slightly earlier-than-usual time - 6-9pm - to accommodate the bands playing later in the night.

See you there!