Dr. Sketchy: Year One

One week to go before Dr. Sketchy Detroit celebrates it's one-years-old birthday bash! I just picked up a buttload of goodies from our sponsors, Dick Blick art supplies, Green Brain Comics and Stormy Records, so there'll be prizes galore. Causing a Scene is putting their dance routines together for the evening's entertainment, and there're a few other surprises in the works too. Expect new faces and old friends as well to be posing on stage.

I'm actually distributing some postcards to promote the event this time, we'll see if they bring in any newbies. But it's all you veteran art monkeys that I'd really like to see turn out - DS wouldn't be here without you!

So: next session is THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 7-10pm (or later?) at teh good ol' Belmont. See you there!


Molly Crabapple said...

I love your illustration for this!

Sean Bieri said...

Thanks, Molly! (I had the nurse all drawn up before realizing I needed an ambulance in there - it's still the Motor City after all, at least for a little longer...)