DS21: Swords & skulls & wings & things

Well, Dr. Sketchy's trip to Dearborn was an experiment in trying something new, and it was a big success! Wow, we haven't had so many new faces all at once at a Dr. Sketchy in some time, and it was good to see. Many thanks to Paul and everyone at Blick art supplies for supplying not just the venue but some great door prize/goodie bags and snacks, and for turning so many new folks on the DS.

Among our new participants was Dennis Orlowski (in the foreground above), a muralist who's done several well-known local works, in Hamtramck especially but elsewhere around town too.

Many many thanks of course to Lana, who dazzled us with her dancing, costumes, music and her greatly-underestimated ability to hold a pose for several minutes. She's a joy to draw from, and a glance around the room at everyone's sketchbooks confirms she was an inspiration.

DS's reliable photog Agnes sent some super photos to share. She even got the skull we used as a tip jar into one shot!

More art to come! ( and PS: If you check the comments section of the last post, you'll get a hint at what's in the works for September...!)

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Great work by fashion designer.. keep going..

Nice photo...wonderful thoughts....

Thanks for sharing...

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