Shakin' all over!

(And not just because it was freezin' freakin' cold, either...)

Wow wow wow!! Another great turnout at the Belmont for Dr. Sketchy Detroit last night! We were packed in tight for a chance to draw the beautiful Lana, whose bellydance moves were lovely and inspiring even in freeze-frame mode. And when she graced us with a short performance after the last pose, well... let's just say everyone got their five dollar's worth last night and then some! DS regulars Jim and John both said it was the best session yet. Here's a few of Jim's sketches:

...and a couple of John's...

...and heck, one of my own too.

Swag Faerie Katherine was on the case, too, scrutinizing our work and doling out the goodies howsoever her capricious nature and impeccable taste should dictate. (Uh, sorry I forgot to pick you up, SF. Don't put the whammy on me! Thanks again for the assist with delivering her to the event, Suzanne!) We had a Christmas-themed contest, natch, and an animal-themed one too, since Lana's an animal rights advocate as well as a dancer. More of those drawings as they come in.

Some folks were interested in the cool modern bellydance-y CD Lana brought to play during the session. It's called "Arabesque," it's on Gut Records, and if you can't find it at your local independently-owned neighborhood record store (hint hint...) you can find it on Amazon here.

Many thanks to everyone who came, most especially Lana, and I'll post more art and photos when I get them. Check back here for info on the January session, and on how to score a copy of DS founder Molly Crabapple's Dr. Sketchy coloring book, several copies of which are winging their way to me as I type.

In other news: long-time Dr. Sketchy participants will remember our very first model, Sparkly Devil. She's moved to San Jose to take an editorial job at a weekly paper there, and to continue her burlesque career. Her final column for the Metro Times (written in her mild-mannered Sarah Klein guise) is on the stands now, or online here. Dr. Sketchy Detroit is in her debt for hooking us up with a lot of cool models. Wish her luck!

And while I'm here, let me just say "Happy Holidays!" to everyone who's turned out over the last few months and made Dr. Sketchy Detroit such a big hit. Obviously it wouldn't be the same without all you ink and graphite-smeared artsy fartsy types, so many many thanks, Happy Merry Etc., and we'll see you all in the new year!


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