Belly up to the bar...

...for the next Dr. Sketchy, featuring the fabulous Lana of Detroit Bellydance! According to her web site:

"Lana teaches and performs throughout the U.S. and overseas and
educates hundreds of students throughout metro-Detroit - from those
wanting to have fun and get fit to more "serious" students who take to
the stage."

I'd have posted a photo here, but I can't pick from the many on her site, so go see for yourself. Hm, we may have to do a few more longer poses this time, those costumes are really ornate!

If you're interested in attending, do me a favor and respond here or email me at themanwhojaped@comcast.net so I can get a head count. See you there!


Anonymous said...

hey, where do we find that URL for Detroit Bellydance?

Sean Bieri said...

D'oh, sorry about that, it's linked up now, but here it is again: