Close to the fringe!

Yes, we're getting closer to the date - Friday the 13th, and Dr. Sketchy's appearance at the Fringe Festival at the Music Hall in downtown Detroit.

I went early last week to scope out the location, and chatted with Christopher of CAS, and we've got some interesting ideas about working the models and sketchers into the Hall's cabaret/café/piano bar area that should make for some great drawing opportunities, as well as giving the visitors something fun to look at. I'm assembling prize packages full of novel goodies from Dick Blick, Green Brain and other sources, and I've picked the brains of Molly Crabapple and her minions for contest ideas (more suggestion always welcome!). Music Hall is even plugging us on the web site now. All is in readiness!

I've received several email and verbal responses from sketchers who want to participate- thanks for the replies, all - and now I'm wondering about logistics. I'll be emailing everyone again today to discuss meeting at the hall and proceeding in together, and possible carpooling from Hamtramck or elsewhere to avoid parking hassles downtown. If you haven't contacted me and want to participate, or if you want to come but can't make it until after 7pm, email me in the next few days or respond to this post.

Photo of Christopher by the amazing (and invaluable, to us Metro Times shlubs) Cybelle Codish.

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