"Professor Scratchy" strikes again!

(I overheard a woman at the Café 1923 trying to remember the name of Dr. Sketchy who called it that. I almost want to change the name but Molly C. would disown me...)

Sorry so late with this update, but: a belated "thanks so much" to the throngs who turned out for the DS session we held last weekend at the Hatched! opening. It was not only a blast (or, as they say, a blowout) for those who attended, it was a big hit with local media too (model Xaina ended up featured in full color on the back page of the local paper along with a few sketchers) and a great draw for passers-by and point of interest for the folks who came to see the art. It was so packed in the café during DS that the fastest way from the front of the place to the back room where the DJ, classical guitarist and free munchies were, was going outside, out the front door and back in through the side door! We even had a little girl, maybe 4 years old, sketching, giving special attention to the big fairy wings sprouting from Xaina's back! The whole event did what it was supposed to do - put the arts collective Hatch on the mental maps of our fellow Hamtramckans and Detroiters.

More interesting news for DS coming up next month - yet another new venue, and yet another art event going on around us while we sketch, this time even bigger than Hatched! It's all pretty hush-hush, y'unnerstand, until the details are worked out, but... stay tuned!

Art above by John Nagridge (John's drawing is silver pen on black paper, I think!) and Matt Feazell. Send more art, y'all!

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Alonzo the Armless said...

Xaina was a fun model to draw. Bring her back soon.