Cheers and jeers!

Cheers for Hatch founder Chris Schneider, for shooting this swell photo of Xaina, as seen from outside the cafe thru their big front window. No wonder trucks were slowing down as they passed!

BUT- jeers from Dr. Sketchy:MCD's first official detractor!! Shortly after the Hatched event was written up in the local paper, the Citizen, with a prominent photo of Xaina included, the café received a letter from one Mary O. of Hamtramck, neatly handwritten on an index card:

"I was very ashamed and hurt to see the burlesque woman posing in such an indecent, shameful pose. I thought your place was an old fashioned coffee place. Let's keep Hamtramck a decent place."

She also called the café a couple days later to complain. She got profuse apologies from the owners and turned out to be a sweet old lady, apparently, and she promised to stop in for a drink some time (yep, she's never even been to the café...) so it's all good.

Still - complaint letter! I'm just childish enough to be a little giddy about it!

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Molly Crabapple said...

Quel scandal!

We never get complaints about indecency in NYC, where a girl can shoot fire out of her lady parts without the community batting an eye. I want to scandelize some old ladies.