Sketchy Marches On!

Wish I'd gotten some photos of Kat's baton-twirling majorette act last night! As it is I only got snaps of her in fetish and kitty-cat modes. Matt sent a sketch in, though - send your pictures to share here too.

I dropped off a ton of food at the Friendship House today (along with some backpacks and book bags I bought with a cash donation) and they were surprised and pleased and very grateful, so many many thanks to all who contributed. It'll mean a lot to some needy local folks.

Thanks also to Blick's, Green Brain and Matt Feazell for help with prizes!

Now it's on to planning for the end-of-year session, hopefully back at the Scarab Club. Stay tuned...

Oh, and I want to organize another exhibit of Dr. Sketchy drawings and photos at the Cafe 1923 here in Hamtown, so if you're interested in exhibiting let me know soon!

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