November Sketchy comes early!

Like, really soon, like next Wednesday, Nov. 18th! We'll be at the Belmont from 7pm until 10pm (but stick around for karaoke night after!)

Our model will be Noir Leather's Kat Fegley, with a baton-twirling majorette theme to open the proceedings!

In light of the Thanksgiving holiday I'm declaring this session a charity event to benefit Friendship House, "a community resource network of 'neighbors helping neighbors'" here in Hamtramck. Please when you come next Wednesday bring a little something to help them out (I'll still be collecting the $5 model's fee, but maybe I'll have a goodie to give you in return for your generosity). The easiest thing would be to bring a few cans of food, boxes of cereal or the like (there are a couple of markets across from the Belmont for your convenience), but there's a long list of things they need on their website if you feel like bringing something else.

So - cool! I'll see you at 7pm at the Belmont next Wednesday!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

She's beautiful. I'm glad it's Wed. and not Thurs. this time. I think I can make it.

Thanks for hosting this Sean.