Feb=Fab: Last night @ Dr. Sketchy

Good turn-out and good times last night, thanks to everyone who came, new and old! Bonus points for the few who hung around afterwards, including our model Demonique, to belt out some karaoke (those of you who didn't missed my Elvis Costello impersonation). Props also to Demonique for what I think is a world-wide Dr. Sketchy first: I've seen sexy nurses, sexy cops, sexy maids and what-not, but the sexy Soviet air force pilot look has to be a new one.

Agnes has already sent photos! Send more sketches and snaps, all.

Also, please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions for future DS sessions - models, sets & props, locations, music, anything you think would keep things fresh and fun.

Details on next month's show on Saturday, March 7 to come.

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Anonymous said...

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