Dr. Sketchy Wed. Feb. 18 @ The Belmont!

Hey all, hope your Valentine's weekend was a fun one.

Here's your night-before warning of another impending Dr. Sketchy session! Demonique will grace the stage at the Belmont bar in Hamtramck, and it sounds like the theme for the night will be "tough gals!" She has a few interesting costume choices lined up, so you'll for sure want to be there.

FYI, I've been putting out flyers for this session in a few spots around town - The Belmont, Blick's, Utrecht, Cafe 1923, and maybe most importantly at the Dirty Show downtown on this past Saturday. It's an experiment to see if we can recruit new folks to the event, and if it works it might be slightly crowded, so I suggest getting there early! We'll see how it goes, and I'm sure we'll find room for everyone.

Oh, and I think a photographer for the Metro Times will be there! You could be in the newspaper! So wear clean underwear.

See you tomorrow night at 7pm! (And remember - karaoke night at the Belmont following the session, so warm up your vocal chords!)

PS: Speaking of the Dirty Show, check out Amy Palomar's photos from the show, including shots of Sketchy alum Lily LaRue and the Tickled Fancy troupe. (Shot for the very cool Motorcityblog.)

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