DS13: Hoop Screams

Thanks as always to everyone who came out for the Dr. Sketchy Halloween session last Thursday, especially the zombified remains of the Motor City Rah-Rahs! It was a packed house, and with four models trying to cheer and hoola-hoop on stage, quarters were close. But it looks like folks got a lot of good sketching in. Here's a couple by Matt Feazell:

And two more from Jim Anderson:

All sketchers were entered into a raffle for a foam core casket full of cool stuff - a book on vampires, a Jeffrey Brown graphic novel, a hairy styrofoam rat, a skeleton-hand chalice thingee, some rubber spiders, candy bars and best of all, a $50 gift certificate to Blick art supplies. Late in the evening some folks stopped by the Belmont in costume after attending a party. One was dressed as a blind hunter, complete with rifle and white cane - the perfect impartial name-drawer for the raffle! The winner: Agnes Domanska, our faithful photographer! (These pictures are from her.)

Added bonus for the night: Jim put together some sweet vinyl stickers featuring a poo-flinging art monkey and we distributed them liberally around the bar. The design was such a hit that t-shirts are in the works now too.

More art and photos as I get them. November's DS is in the works, though it probably won't happen until after Thanksgiving. Stay tuned!

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