Number 9? Number 9?

Yeah, Dr. Sketchy number nine! Where does the time go? If I knew I wouldn't be so late with this blog update, would I?

Nevertheless, we are a go for the Belmont tomorrow, Thursday, May 31, from 7-10pm! Our model is the wonderful Muana, who Fringe festival participants will remember as our grindhouse poster model (see Suzanne's contest-winning drawing below). She's really excited about it too, and promises to bring along a few different costumes to get us just as enthused.

Since I'm so late with the updates this time around, I'm offering a special deal: first-timers who show up at the Belmont tomorrow night get in FREE! Bring a new friend along, or if you've been lurking on this blog and biding your time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to sample this Dr. Sketchy strangeness, here's your chance to check it out at no cost to you. If you can find a better deal on drawing a burlesque dancer at a bar, I'll give you five pounds of coffee (and if you get that reference, you're not only local, you're old!).

See you there!

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