A Very Special Episode of Dr. Sketchy

Here's the gossip on Dr. Sketchy Detroit #4: After talking to DS founder Molly Crabapple at the Small Press Expo recently, Dan and Katie Merritt, owners of the best comic book shop in the metro area, Green Brain Comics, have volunteered to host the next Sketchy session at their own indy comics convention, SNAP!, on November 4th in the Al Matta Hall, Dearborn, MI. Check out their web site for details on the con, and stay tuned for details!


Molly Crabapple said...

Ooo- cool! Katie and Dan rocked. I was shocked at how many people I met at SPX who knew you and what you were doing in Detroit.

I can't wait to see what you guys cook up.

Christopher Chouinard said...

Love these drawings...I really hope to make it to a show sometime...and may I add, I have your GODZILLA Hatch postcard on my Fridge. Best thing I've seen in ages !

Sean Bieri said...
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Sean Bieri said...

Thanks Christopher, hope to have you join us one day! The Hatch monster can be found on my other blog at:


(I know, but I couldn't get it to link before, so cut-n-paste it I guess.)