The return of Dr. Sketchy!

The next edition of Dr. Sketchy:MCD is finally planned, and it's coming up quick: Thursday, September 7, from 7-10pm at The Belmont, at 10215 Joseph Campau in Hamtramck, across from Polish Market. No charge at the door, and still only $5 to draw! Our model is still TBA, but last month's model, the estimable Sparkly Devil, is on the case and is sure to recruit someone fun (last I talked to her she mentioned something about faerie wings. Hmm...).

Those who've been to the Belmont before will know it's a nice friendly space for an event like this, so I predict another fun evening for artists and spectators alike. More info soon.

PS: The Hatch Hamtramck Art Collective web site is up and running full steam, so check it out. Browse the member galleries and download the podcast for a 360-degree look at the world-reknowned backyard folk art installation Hamtramck Disneyland!

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