Dr. Sketchy 2: Electric Boogaloo

Just a quick note to say the second Detroit Dr. Sketchy session was a big hit! Many thanks to the fantastic Michiee DeVale, who was a whole lot of fun to draw, and thanks also to Sparkly Devil for recruiting her.

Even more thanks to Darren at the Belmont for letting someone he'd never met until the night of the gig make use of his bar. The Belmont's stage area proved to be ideal for Dr. Sketchy - cozy but roomy enough, airy with the patio door open (so not too smoky) and lots of colorful stage lighting to draw by. (Bonus points from Yers Trooly for having Fuller's London Pride and O'Hara's Stout on tap... mmm, good beer!)

Still more thanks to: Katherine, our duly appointed Swag Faerie, for coming up with some creative criteria for handing out prizes; to Wolfgang for shooting plenty of photos; and to our sketchers, especially all the newcomers who bravely turned up after hearing about DS at Hatch's table at the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival. Drawings and photos to come soon (if you attended, be sure to scan and email me some of your art! Click on my profile at left to find my email address).

This weekend, Hatch is setting up a table at the legendary Dally In The Alley to recruit even more folks to our artsy cause, so stop by and say "hi."

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