NEXT SKETCHY! (Also: Thanks & So Long For Now)

Hey again art monkeys!

Here's the scoop: The next Dr. Sketchy will be on SUNDAY OCTOBER 10 from 6-9pm at historic Cliff Bell's in Detroit. If you've never been to this beautifully restored bar before, check out the photos on their website. It's a perfect setting for burlesque! Modeling will be two out-of-town guests, Bella Sin from Ohio and Sweet Lilly Bee from Minnesota. Doors open at 5pm, and it's still just $5 to sketch!

In other news: I have decided after four years to hand the reins of Dr. Sketchy in Detroit over to someone else. Frequent Sketchy model and local burly-Q phenom Toni Lemaux (aka Lushes Lamoan — that's her up top there, thanks for the photo Scott!) will be taking over and I expect great things from her (starting with the gig described above). I hope you'll follow her on future Sketchy adventures. I will definitely be there, sketching instead of officiating for a change!

As soon as Lushes' official blog is set up I'll direct you there and declare this one closed (I may leave it up with a refer to hers, or transfer the art and photos to a Flickr site for posterity).

To all of you who came to sketch, to all our venues, models and sponsors: I can't thank you enough for your help in making Dr. Sketchy such a hit here. I had a blast putting it together! There's too much talent in the art and burlesque scenes in Detroit to not have a Sketchy branch here, so I hope you'll all support the next incarnation of Dr. Sketchy in the future!


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Anonymous said...

Sean, I surely appreciate your efforts over the time I've been attending Dr Sketchy and I look forward to a new direction.

Hope to see ya there sketching.