Birthday Bash update! (Thurs. Aug. 19)

Hey there, art monkeys! Here's the latest:

First up is some big news from DS HQ: The new website is up and it's really cool! It's your central hub for all things Sketchy. From there, you can search for a Dr. Sketchy event happening anywhere in the world, just in case you need to get your burly-Q scribblin' fix while you're out and about. Take a look! (This blog will be migrating over there as soon as I get a minute to go thru the process.)

Second is local news: Just two weeks away is Dr. Sketchy Detroit's 4th Birthday Bash at the Scarab Club and it's shaping up to be a fantastic good time. Our models are the lovely Sassy Katt of the Hell's Belles troupe, and pin-up model extraordinaire JJ Plush!

Also on the bill is live music by the Motor City Sidestrokers (iIf you like slyly risque old-timey music a la R. Crumb's Cheap Suit Serenaders, you'll love these folks)! Plus, we got sweet prizes to hand out from Baby Tattoo Books and Blick Art Materials, and more fun stuff in the works.

So mark your calendars — Thursday, August 19, 7pm at the Scarab Club in Detroit — tell your friends and watch the blog for photos and other news. See you in a couple weeks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

The 'new website' link doesn't work.

I'm bummed I'm missing this, on vacation. Sure it will be fun.

Sean Bieri said...

Link's fixed... We'll miss you too, Anon, but check back after for photos and art!