Dr. Sketchy February: Lana Returns!

Lousy weather and all, we had a great turnout at last night's Dr. Sketchy, including five first-time sketchers! Many thanks to all who showed up to draw Lana, even while she was shimmying away.

Special thanks and congratulations to newcomer Heidi for taking her first bellydancing lesson right there in front of everybody! She did get a prize for her courage, though - enjoy your dinner at Toast and your illustration book from Baby Tattoo Books, Heidi.

First in with a sketch is Jennifer, who's become a regular and turned in a few lovely drawings. Send more, everyone!

And if you enjoy seeing what other art monkeys come up with at Dr. Sketchy, be sure to take a look at the DS art blog, and contribute your own sketches there too so the world can see what we got going on here in Detroit.

Next up: Red Hot Annie all the way from Chicago at the opening for the Hatchback 4 art exhibit at Hamtramck's Cafe 1923. That'll be on Saturday, March 6 from 5-7(ish)pm. See you there!

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