A perfect union: Dr. Sketchy and the 4th of July!

(So perfect, we moved ours up to July 2nd so we wouldn't steal Uncle Sam's thunder...)

Okay, so we started kinda late - but it was a pretty fully-packed two-hours-and-change! Free apple pie, sparklers for everyone, hanging out on the patio, strange and cool prizes, and three (!) models in red-white-'n'-blue for a downright patriotic evening of sketching and shooting. Thanks of course to Sheila, Stephanie and Angela for modeling indoors and out, to Agnes for shooting photos and artwork (why didn't I think of that before?) and to all who turned out for the evening. Here are some samples, more to come.

(Oh, and just so I don't forget the moment, I'll write it here: Sitting on the patio in the fading daylight, sketching three women in skimpy patriotic costumes as rockabilly drifts out of the bar door and the call to prayer from the nearby mosque wafts in from the other direction... Wow.)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The call to prayer was awesome.