DS April: Lushness & Sprockethole!

And finally, I get their names right (sorry for the confusion, ladies!).

In any case, many thanks to our lovely and fun models from this last Thursday. After a springtime weather-inspired late start, we had a good turnout and a lively session, with Lushness and Sprockethole sharing the spotlight both separately and together. Take a look: First, photos by Agnes (more of her work on her Flickr page)...

Next a few by DS regular customer Kevin:

A couple from Yers Trooly:

And finally, some colorful samples from James Anderson (more of his work here):

Always room for more, so send me something!

Also: Quick shout of "thanks" to Real Detroit for plugging the event this week!

Also also: I just wanna say that, as much as I nag about it, you Detroit Art Monkeys are always very generous about feeding the tip jar at our events, and it's always greatly appreciated - by the models of course, but also by me. Besides being a boon for the folks on stage, it's just one more little thing that helps build Dr. Sketchy Detroit's rep as a fun and positive force in town, and I thank you kindly.

Next session is Thursday May 14 back at the Belmont, watch for details!


Lushes LaMoan said...

Thank you so much for letting me model. I had a great time with everyone. Detroit sure rings the bell for me.

Lushes LaMoan

Elam said...

Hi Sean,

is the Sketchy session still on for Thursday?

Any notice needed for first timers?

Sean Bieri said...

Hi Elam,
Nope, no notice needed, but note that DS is set for May 14, NOT tonight (May 7)! See you next Thursday at 6:30pm at the Belmont.