Dr. Sketchy, Hatchback 3, Blowout '09 - Saturday!

Just your day-before reminder that tomorrow, SATURDAY, MARCH 7, 5-8PM, is Dr. Sketchy time again. We'll be gathering at the Cafe 1923 on Holbrook in Hamtramck (across from the giant neon Kowalski sausage) to draw the one and only Muana and kick off the opening of Hatchback 3, the third annual juried art show sponsored by the Hamtown art collective Hatch. Come for the sketching, stay for the art, come early and enjoy the many activities the cafe has planned for Blowout weekend and stay out late to take in a rock show or two at Hamtramck's many watering holes. See you there!


Joe Willy said...

Hi, Sean. Any idea when the next Dr. Sketchy-Motor City event will be? I'm way over on the west side of the mitten and would love to take part but I need to plan ahead.

Anonymous said...


Would it be possible to post the events a bit more in advance? I check the blog fairly regularly, but this one just passed me right by!

Anonymous said...

Nice work..keep going..i like this blog..

Thank you very much...
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