Next Dr. Sketchy: January 15, 2009!

Hi Sketchers & friends! Hope the holidays are treating everyone well.

Three things from me:

First: A huge year-end thank you to everyone who's helped make Dr. Sketchy so much fun this year, despite some glitches in the scheduling of late. Whether you're a regular or just a once-in-a-while participant, it's because of you art monkeys, models and other supporters that this thing happens, and I'm really grateful for your participation.

Second: Dr. Sketchy is set to get back on track now that the holiday craziness is behind us. Our next session is scheduled for:

at Blick Art Materials
14339 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 581-7063

Modeling will be Dr. Sketchy friend and recent Metro Times cover model Demonique Damzelle!

Last time we were at Blick's, drawing bellydancer Lana, we had a great crowd of DS regulars and Blick customers discovering DS for the first time. Expect tight quarters, snacks and music, and don't worry about running out of pencils or markers or... pretty much anything, actually! Admission is the usual $5 (cheap!).

Lastly: Dr. Sketchy Detroit has been doing well mainly by word of mouth so far, but I'm really hoping spread the DS gospel in the coming months - passing out postcards and flyers, posting online and otherwise promoting the event. I'm also going to try to get even more local burlesque and cabaret acts and performers involved. SO - if you know anyone who we should hire to model, a group we should contact or a venue who'd like to host us, or if you'd just like to help get the word out to schools, arts groups, etc., please let me know!

Thanks again, and expect more info as we get closer to Jan. 15. Hope the new year is good to you,



Steve said...

hey Sean

I had to run too early last week...

Do you have an e-mail address I can send some of the photos I took to? Or an address to send a CD?

Would love to get the stuff through to the model

Hoping 2009 gets warmer...


Anonymous said...

Great pencil work..great photography..

Thanks for sharing..
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