September Blues

Things are rough all over in Dr. Sketchy land. First the Temple of the American Dream got vandalized, then this month's session, scheduled for today with the local Burning Man folks as a benefit to help with repairs, is rained out (theoretically... I haven't seen any actual rain yet today, despite the razzin-frazzin forecast...) Hopefully we'll get something together before the end of the month.

Worse yet, Molly Crabapple forwarded this to me from Katie at the Portland, OR Sketchy branch:

We've had a pretty upsetting event happen this past weekend here in Portland--my September model was attacked. Two men approached him around midnight on Friday, and started saying homophobic slurs to him, and then proceeded to beat him enough to concuss him and cause bleeding of the brain. You can read more about it here.

A close friend of our model has created a website -- healportland.com -- to let people know about our model's status, donate money (since he has no healthcare), and leave well-wishing messages.

I'll make a donation on behalf of Dr. Sketchy Detroit.

The good news is that our October session is set to go, with Christopher from Causing a Scene modeling along with his grandmother! We'll be at the Belmont from 7-10pm on Tuesday, October 28, so expect Halloweeny goodness all around.

Also good: Matt Feazell sent along the sketch above of Lana from August, and I'm gathering up a little art from past sessions that haven't been posted yet, as a sort of retrospective, so I'll post that soon. If anyone has any past art they'd like to see, send it along!

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