Dr. Sketchy News Bulletin!

Hi again Art Monkeys,

Passing this along to all of you who might want a bit of Dr. Sketchy energy you can wear around with you - the official Dr. Sketchy Art Monkey necklace! Oh, it's a beautiful thing, all snarly and artsy. Click on the photo below to see DS founder Molly Crabapple modeling one, and get all the details on ordering yours here. Note that all proceeds go to help support the Dr. Sketchy empire, so it's all good.

And what the hell - anyone who shows up wearing one at a DS:Detroit session gets one free admission!

DON'T FORGET to frame up your best Dr. Sketchy sketches for inclusion in the upcoming exhibit at Cafe 1923. Bring 'em with you to our next session at the Belmont on May 22, or arrange to drop art with me before or after that if you can't make it. Frames don't need to be expensive or fancy, so don't sweat it! The show is getting hung the last day of May, so...

DS:MCD MEDIA: I was interviewed by a reporter from Crain's about Dr. Sketchy as part of an article about Hatch, so watch for that.

AND, Molly says a DS documentary is in the works. So if there's anyone out there with video or filmmaking experience (I can think of a couple folks) it'd be cool to get some footage of an upcoming session to send to her for inclusion. She sent along technical specs which I can forward on to whoever is interested.

Round-robin drawing above provided by Jim Anderson (with help from two unnamed accomplices).

See you all soon,


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