I Left My Heart at Dr. Sketchy

(...so if you picked it up the other night please drop it in the mail for me.)

Well, despite sort of short notice, cold weather, the fact that it's supposed to be the biggest date night of the year (I assume, right?) and my disastrous attempt to make cookies the night before, Dr. Sketchy 15 was a heart-warming success. New sketchers and old friends came out to draw our fantastic models. In fact one of them was new to DS too - the lovely Trixie, while the other was our old pal Muana, roaring back after some recent health issues and wonderful as always. We did manage to get some cookies out there, thanks to Martha Washington bakery. Leave these things to the pros, is my new motto.

Anyway - photos! First from newcomer Christian, then a shot from Agnes over prize-winner Brian's shoulder. Yes, that's Hello Kitty they're fighting over. More on her misadventures later...

Next a painterly work by another newbie, Lou, who shot this with a laptop-mounted webcam and altered it in some kinda new-fangled photoshoppy software.

A heart-y (yuk yuk!) thanks to everyone who came out. More art and photos to come (send me your work!).

NEXT MONTH: Dr. Sketchy returns to the Café 1923 for the opening of Hatch's second annual juried art show, Hatchback! Plans are afoot to bring back an old DS favorite, TBA. So save the date: Saturday, March 8, 5-8pm, with the opening running until 10pm (art, munchies, etc.) More info to come.

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Anonymous said...

Great work..keep going..

Thanks for sharing...
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