Dr. Sketchy July, and beyond!

Hi again art monkeys,

First off, don't be alarmed by the new email address. I've finally got my official Hatch-sponsored account put together (Hatch sponsors Dr. Sketchy in Hamtramck/Detroit - check out our web site to see more of what we're up to around town).

Second: We are 100% go for this Thursday (July 26) at the Belmont, 7-10pm. We've got a live DJ lined up and of course the amazing Christopher from the Causing a Scene burlesque troupe modeling, along with the intriguingly-named Jessica Rabbit - two models, no waiting, still only $5 to get in and draw! (Consider it a make-up for missing a session in June.)

Lastly: Be sure to keep THURSDAY, AUGUST 23 open! It's Dr. Sketchy:Motor City Division's one year anniversary, and there are some fabulous doings in the works! More details to come, but for now...


One thing I'm arranging for the anniversary is to hang art created during past Dr. Sketchy sessions on the walls at the Belmont. They have monthly art shows there, and making Sketchy sketches their next exhibit seems like a natural since they've become our adopted home.

So I urge you all to go thru your sketchbooks and photo files and (cheaply) frame up your best stuff to be part of the show. You don't need to get it to me this Thursday necessarily (though that'd be nice), but if you have something to contribute, let me know. It'll have to be hung before Aug. 23 (I'll get a more definite deadline to you all shortly) and I can arrange to pick it up from you if necessary.

See you this Thursday at 7pm!

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